Red Prairie apron 3

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Made for function as much as it is for looks, the linen Prairie Apron is the perfect companion whenever you want to let your imagination run wild without ruining your garments in the process.

Made out of 100% linen, the Prairie Apron is soft out of the box and only gets softer as years go by. Linen is also very durable, resistant to dirt, and easy to clean, which is the best combination one could think of for an apron. Top it off with the fact that it does not require many resources to manufacture, making it very eco-friendly. One size fits all with adjustable straps will become your favorite apron for all endeavors.

If not for immersing in your favorite crafts, the Prairie Apron can also be styled together with a dress to create a unique yet elegant look. The Woodland Wonder color features all kinds of riches that mother nature has to offer and is absolutely perfect for those in love with the autumn season