Moonlight Bracelet

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A precious Vintage Moonstone Jewel Centre with a rare vintage 1940’s Box Chain.

 The ancient Romans linked the Moonstone with the Moon Goddess Diana and believed that wearing the stone would bring love, wealth and success.

In India, Moonstone was believed to bring Good Luck and allowed Romantic partners to read their future, if they placed the Moonstone in their mouth during a full moon.

In Hindu mythology, the Moonstone was believed to have been made from the moon’s Ethereal light and legend portrayed it as sacred and magical Dream Stone that could bring serene and beautiful dreams at night.

This Dreamy stone is gorgeous and a wonderful piece with these extraordinary rare vintage chains!!


  • Moonstone Jewel
  • Vintage Jewellery
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Rare Vintage Chain from the 1940’s


  • Chain Length Medium: 18 cm
  • Chain Length Large: 19.5 cm
  • Chain Length Extension all sizes 3.5 cm