Lyrical Earrings

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This Beautiful Diamante Encrusted 18 Carat Gold Filled Spike with Vintage Crystal Jewelled Octagon and 18 Carat Gold Filled Ear Post Sparkles Joy upon the wearer. Guaranteed!!!

The term Lyrical refers to the art of the Lyric performance that is older than Mythology and relates to the performance of poetry that could be spoken, sung, danced and devised in situ, often at the time of composition. A Lyric poet was one who made their poetry at the time of presentation, not wrote it beforehand.

We hope that in wearing your Lyrical Earrings that you are inspired to embrace life as it happens, and enjoy the resonance of nature as it expands its beauty all around you.


  • Handmade in Australia
  • Vintage Crystal
  • 18 Carat Gold Filled
  • Lightweight
  • Gift Boxed


  • Height 4cm
  • Weight Each Earring 2.5 Grams
  • Width 1cm