Lion Luxe Necklace

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An ornate Topaz Breathing, Jewelled Golden Lion, Hung with a Rare and Fabulous Hand Carved Tibetan Vintage Amulet on a 24 Carat Antique Gold Filled Chain.

In Mythology, Topaz is Portrayed as a Gem of Peace and Healing. It was first found by the Romans over Two Millennia ago on the Island of Topazios on the Red Sea. They believed it could protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation. Due to its yellow colour, the ancients believed Topaz had the Mystical Ability to attract Gold.

The Lion is seen as the most Regal of Beasts, but did you know that Mythically it is Paired with the Unicorn.

In Ancient Egypt, the Warrior Goddess: Sekhmet, is a Lioness who is the Watchful Eye of the God Ra, her Breath the Hot Desert Winds, her Body Emanating a Fiery Glow. She is the girl you just don’t want to Mess with.

Bring out your Inner Goddess with this Fabulous Lion Luxe Necklace


  • 24 Carat Gold Filled Chain
  • Golden Lion, breathing a Topaz Crystal
  • Vintage Tibetan Amulet
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Beautifully Giftboxed


  • Chain length: 47 cm
  • Pendant Length: 15 cm
  • Pendant Width: 5cm
  • Pendant Depth: 1cm