Jungle Earrings

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These ornate 18 Carat Gold Filled Diamante and Crystal Encrusted Leopards with their beautiful Emerald Jewel eyes are Brilliant!!

To tell you the truth, when I discovered them in their original vintage place of birth I was just going to keep them for myself!!  But once I got them to my studio, I couldn’t help but share them!!

Hung from a superb Vintage French Jet Heart and 16 Carat Gold Filled Ear Hoop, they are graceful, yet spectacular!

The Leopard is a symbol of Royal Power and associated with the magic and shape shifting of the ancient Shamans. Its symbolic meanings include strength, agility, stealth, elusiveness and rare beauty.

As a symbol of rare and exotic beauty, the Leopard reminds you to honour your own unique traits. In China, the leopard is associated with female power! Go Girrrrls!!!!


  • Leopard Earrings
  • 18 Carat Gold Filled
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Rare Vintage Find
  • Emerald Jewel Eyes
  • Gift Boxed


  • Height 3.5cm
  • Weight Each Earring 4 Grams
  • Width 2cm