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Luxe layer.

A great light layer, the Metti Velvet Jacket is a lined jacket featuring a drapey, open front and a wide faux cuff and hem for added interest. The fabric is soft to the touch, and has a slight sheen to it.

  • Lightweight, soft fabric with a slight sheen to it
  • Perfect as a light layer
  • Drapey, open front
  • Wide faux cuff and hem for added interest
  • Regular fit
  • 80% Viscose 20% Nylon

    This luxurious velvet has a slight sheen and is soft to the touch. The lighter weight allows this fabric to drape around the body, offering an added level of comfort.

    Viscose is made from cellulose from timber that has been processed and spun into fine fibres.

    We are working with not-for-profit organisation Canopy to ensure that our forest-based fabrics are responsibly sourced from sustainable forestry.

    The Viscose fibres in this garment are from producers with a green shirt ranking according to the most current Canopy Style Hot Button Report. These producers are considered low risk or have taken substantive action to eliminate risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.


    The Metti Velvet Jacket has a regular fit through the body and arm. Key fit points include the bust, length and bicep.

    All garments are measured flat (not on body) and then doubled (except the length) to calculate the total circumference. To work out what size will suit you best, flat measure an item that fits you well and use this as a guide. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

    Approximate bust measurements (measured flat):
    6: 49 cm
    8: 51.5 cm
    10: 54 cm
    12: 56.5 cm
    14: 59 cm
    16: 61.5 cm
    18: 64 cm
    20: 66.5cm

    Approximate length measurement:
    6: 57.5 cm
    8: 58.5 cm
    10: 59.5 cm
    12: 60.5 cm
    14: 61.5 cm
    16: 62.5 cm
    18: 63.5 cm
    20: 64.5 cm

    Approximate sleeve length measurements:
    6: 57 cm
    8: 58 cm
    10: 59 cm
    12: 60 cm
    14: 61 cm
    16: 62 cm
    20: 64 cm

    Approximate bicep measurement (measured flat):
    6: 15cm
    8: 16.25cm
    10: 17.5cm
    12: 18.75cm
    14: 20cm
    16: 21.25cm
    18: 22.5cm
    20: 23.5 cm