ghost and lola dazzler earrings

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Vintage Rare Sunray Topaz Crystal Jewel with Vintage Topaz Crystal Cross.
18 Carat Gold Filled Ear Post.
Handmade in Australia

The Deep Sparkle of these Vintage 1950’s West German Topaz Crystals is Truly Mesmerising!

So wonderful, and so rare!! We have encased each crystal with 16 carat gold filled settings and combined them with a vintage Topaz Cross.

Topaz symbolized the Egyptian Sun god, Ra. Ancient Egyptians felt it was an incredibly powerful stone. Hindus believed in the gemstone’s protective abilities. They felt it could protect homes from burning down, while also protecting their health and beauty. African shamans also treated the gemstone as sacred, using it in their healing rituals. They felt that whoever held the gemstone would become wealthy.

All Ghost and Lola pieces are handmade in our Australian studio from rare vintage and found elements in very limited quantities. Once gone, cannot be repeated.


  • Handmade in Australia
  • Vintage 1950’s Topaz Crystal
  • 16 Carat Gold Filled
  • Rare Vintage Heart Lockets


  • Height 3.5cm
  • Weight Each Earring 4 Grams
  • Width 1.5cm