Ghost and lola Blue sky earrings

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We love these Vintage 1950’s Opal Art Glass Flecked with Silver Cabochons and joined them with these exotic Vintage Sapphire Crystal.
16 Carat Gold Filled Ear Post.


Our Blue-Sky Earrings are full of happiness for all.

Inspired by the famous Ella Fitzgerald Song:

 “Blue skies Smiling at me

Nothing but blue skies

Do I see.


Blue days All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on”


Wish yourself or a special person in your life:  Happiness Forever with these wonderful and Limited-Edition Blue-Sky earrings.

All Ghost and Lola pieces are handmade in our Australian studio from rare vintage and found elements in very limited quantities. Once gone, cannot be repeated.


  • Hand Made by Australian Artist
  • Vintage from 1950’s
  • Blue Opal
  • 16 Carat Gold Filled Ear Post
  • Gift Boxed