Drop Crutch Linen Pants Red Stripe

Drop Crutch Linen Pants Red Stripe

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These guys are made from a medium weight linen, they come with side pockets and in 4 sizes. They work well with our oversized tops and the shorter dresses.

Measurements Small Waist 24 inches (not stretched)

                                    Hips 44 inches

                                     Length 38 inches

                          Medium Waist 27 inches( not stretched)

                                         Hips 46 inches

                                        Length 39 inches

                        Large   Waist 28 inches (not stretched)

                                     Hips 48 inches ( not stretched)

                                     Length 39 inches

                   Extra Large Waist 32 inches (not stretched)

                                        Hips 48 inches (not stretched)

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